Board and Stone

So it has been a while … good thing this wasnʻt one of my new year’s resolutions …. But I wanted to share a couple of things. So I had a great work environment experience in the last couple of years. I was able to work as close to nature as I have been in […]

Happy New Year Resolutions

Happy 2017! So this year I tried to make a resolution in advance. And so far it is working …. Tips: Make your new year resolution in advance of the new year. Start your new resolution before the new year actually begins. Start small, e.g., if it is to exercise, make it 5-15 minutes a day. […]

How sad we are.

I have heard a few comments in the past couple of days from people that I think resonate with the ideology that we are still the same people today that we were yesterday and the day before, let alone the month and years prior and as well, going forward. That is what bothers me. There […]

Flying into New York

It is different. It could just be me but when traveling to JFK with locals you get the feeling that the rules are okay and they are worth following. I thought it was strange when the captain/flight attendants said that TSA mandated certain things aboard the airplane. It made me think- 1) that’s another reason […]