“Hulk” talk

So the game we’ve been laughing about in our minds involves the Hulk having to be the Hulk in every day situations. Loose Scene based – game/short form. The Hulk would be put into an every day boring situation. He would have to preface every sentence with the word “Hulk,” essentially creating a situation where Hulk talks in 3rd person. The climax of the scene would be when Hulk gets angry/frustrated and says, “Hulk Smash!”


Every day situation – doing homework

Mother: Hulk, hurry up and finish your homework.

Hulk: Hulk tired.

Mother: If you want to go out and play before the sun goes down you need to finish your homework.

Hulk: Hulk play, finish later.

Mother: No, Hulk. You need to do your homework first.

Hulk: Hulk hate homework. Hulk Smash!


It’s silly but depending on the Hulk character, it could be fun, it is in my mind.

One thought on ““Hulk” talk

  1. This reminds me of a game that my former troupe members and I used to play. We called it “Cos-prov.” Someone would give us a suggestion of an item and that person would have to give a Bill Cosby-like speech. Key phrases we’d often use were:
    – “You know, Rudeee.”
    – “Theo… daww!”
    – “And you poo and you pee pee”
    – “Y’see.”
    – “And remember boy, I am your father.”
    – “But that wasn’t enough, was it Rudee!”

    The style in which we’d impersonate Bill Cosby wasn’t so accurate to the real actor, as much as it was a homage to the short lived animated series: “House of Cosbys.”

    Actually, now that I typed it up… it isn’t much like the Hulk game at all. I just wanted to share since I miss improv games. Thanks for letting me comment.


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