One post a day . . .

I’m trying to get into the habit of posting something at least once a day. Wish me luck. But head’s up – it could mean more randomness on my part. So I’ll try to focus.


Having a Zen moment, my head is empty and I have nothing to grasp on to thought-wise. Funny how zen works, you try to think of something and nothing comes. But when you are actually trying for zen your mind is filled with thoughts. Maybe I should try to zen instead and then I’ll have an epiphany.

One thought on “One post a day . . .

  1. Yes, I go through the same situation when I write music. When I want to write a catchy hook in a chorus… it never comes. But if some says something says a random word, like cheeseburgers, I’ll immediately belt out a Tenacious D-esque intro, verse, chorus and a mighty finale. Right off the top of my head.


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