What it means to be good at something

I am a fan of Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts and am ecstatic that they’ve been able to make it to the Superbowl for the 2nd time in 4 years. For the record, I’m not thinking that I’m the best or most hard-core fan in the U.S., I only started watching them regularly in the past 5 years.
That happened because I was trying to be a good wife. You see, I was trying to meet my husband half way by watching the football games my husband watched, although I was very specific – we could only watch the games that his team was playing. He is a long-time football fan so this was my attempt at compromise. But one day (about 8 years ago) while we were watching his team play, I saw the quarterback of the other team stop at the line of scrimmage, start gesticulating, and made the people on his side move around. Which pretty much amounted to me saying, “Who’s that guy waving his hands around, he looks like he’s doing something.”
My husband then told me that, “That is Peyton Manning, he’s the quarterback.” and that he was really good. I then told him that I like him and I’ll watch him because he’s doing something. That turned into (8 years later), my husband being able to watch more than one football team on tv and radio, me knowing a little bit more about the football game, a respect for what everyone on the Colt’s team does that makes them such a good team, and sometimes even being able to tell that people are moving on both sides of the ball. Yep still not the best fan.
However, I have also been listening to the Indy (The Fan) radio, Kravitz and Eddie, and between the moments of Colts news, sometimes they say some things that have much more weight. One broadcast that touched a cord dealt with a focus on what is really important about being exceptional in something. It doesn’t matter if you receive fame or fortune from it. If someone is exceptional at something it is because of who that person is. Which translates in my mind into, it doesn’t matter if you do it for free, pay for it, get paid doing it, or even do it for the attention, people that excel at pretty much anything don’t see themselves as better or worse, they are looking at themselves and what they can do to better themselves so they continue to grow and that is what makes a person stand out in a crowd, on the stage, or even on the line of scrimmage – to someone with little or no idea of what is going on out there. And that is what makes a person truly exceptional.

The things I’ve learned from, of all things, “football” and the hope I have for the Colts to get another Superbowl ring! The Colts are going to Miami! Woohoo!

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