Another sad day for education in Hawaii

A week that started with a plethora of possibilities ended on a sad note today with the final nail in the coffin for two grant proposals (one federal and one from a private foundation). These proposal would have (over several years) put millions of dollars and much needed assistance for literacy learning into a school complex area that across the board has not met its NCLB standards (elementary to high school) during the 08-09 school year.
Why did this happen? Someone felt slighted and that person sat at the top of the complex area.
When should your own pride take a back burner to the education of over 5,600 children? First of all, I think your pride should never be the issue if you hold this type of position. But if that wasn’t enough, I’d probably say: when all the principals say yes to this help, organizations are coming together to assist your community, your community might benefit greatly from these possibilities, and two opportunities to funnel money into your complex area are handed to you on a silver platter. I’d give my blessing.
I wish someone could explain this to me and I think it’s a compelling argument to keep our government and school systems separate. There’s enough politics involved already.

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