5 Rules for Life – and Improv

Taken from the “5 Rules for Life” by tinybuddha.com blog. Here is my improv take, paraphrased and hopefully serving one well on-stage and off.

1. Be honest with yourself. 

As a performer when you can honestly see the strengths and weaknesses of yourself you can move forward and take the next steps and when you’re in the scene daring to be boring can be as honest as it gets.

2. Let yourself be vulnerable. 

You can’t control what others will take from what you offer, but offer it anyway and be ready to let go of it. You may be surprised with the end result.

3. Live in accordance with your values. 

Don’t compromise your characters values. Figure out what your character wants and say yes to your partner.

4. See as much as you can of what’s right in front of you. 

Don’t worry about things you can’t control and about what might happen in the future. Live in the moment. Use all your five senses to create your reality of now while noticing and living the details. Hear the sounds. It may seem weird but I have the feeling that your scenes will be fun to watch.

5. Treat yourself like you want other people to treat you. 

(This is taken directly from the tinybuddha.com blog) We make mistakes, and we always will. As long as you acknowledge them, make amends as best you can, and learn from them there’s no reason to stop treating yourself with kindness. Other people will take their cue from you. You decide how you deserve to be treated.

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