Happy 2011 Everyone.

To start the new year off right, I just want to make sure I post at least once in January 2011. I don’t quite know what I’d like to talk about yet, but I would like to share some of the interesting things that I liked of 2010.

Streaming online football games and tv series that I missed or cannot watch on regular tv. Without the worry of DVR setting and space limits, the world of on-line watching has become an amazing landscape. This past year I was able to watch a football game I couldn’t get on tv, streamed in spanish and later in italian. (The world of cross-cultures collide in very interesting and educational ways sometimes.)

A zombie tv series. Things you’d never expect, only happen in a world that’s constantly evolving, or like in the series, devolving.

Reconnecting with family. I am not someone that has a close relationship with any of my relatives but I do think it’s amazing what happens when you reconnect with family members that you haven’t seen for years (I do mean YEARS.). You remember the small little children that you had to babysit or the elders that you wouldn’t dream of speaking to because it never even crossed your mind to have a conversation with them and you were too busy running around without any supervision because the kids watch over each other. Then you don’t see them for years and all of a sudden no one is a baby anymore, they have jobs, lives, significant others, and too many things going on, just like you. But they’re still family and you are in the unique circumstance of getting to know people that you’ve known your whole life for the first time. How exciting and terrifying is that?

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