Waiting to Board

As we we are waiting to take off on the first leg of our trip to Thailand (we’ll be traveling through the Philippines). I’m thinking of our destination and some of the things that we’ve been told are best to keep in mind while in Thailand.

1) Royalty – Any possible defamation of the Royal family is seriously frowned upon to the extent that if your Thai money flies away don’t try to stop it with your foot (considered dirty). A picture of the King is on every bill and that would be considered disrespectful.

2) Social Class and Clothing – As much as I may want to wear a tank top and shorts because it will be hot, it will probably make me look like those of the lower class, as do tans, the lighter the skin the better. Definitely dress appropriately in Wats (temples), bare shoulders and bare knees are reason enough to prevent you from seeing the wonders of the temples.

Now what else should I remember . . . .

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