How sad we are.

I have heard a few comments in the past couple of days from people that I think resonate with the ideology that we are still the same people today that we were yesterday and the day before, let alone the month and years prior and as well, going forward. That is what bothers me. There […]

Flying into New York

It is different. It could just be me but when traveling to JFK with locals you get the feeling that the rules are okay and they are worth following. I thought it was strange when the captain/flight attendants said that TSA mandated certain things aboard the airplane. It made me think- 1) that’s another reason […]


So I have been barely paying attention to what is happening in the G.O.P.. But as the election season gets nearer and the conventions begin this is what I am hearing about why their candidate is the best…. The system is flawed and we need to blow it up. The world is too p.c. right […]