Heading to Thailand soon

So it is almost time for us to head out to Thailand again. This trip will be extra special since we are celebrating my grandmother’s 84 birthday. Squire and I will be taking her to Thailand to visit my dad and see the sites. We have some extra special things planned for her but she actually may read this so I won’t give it away.

Things to do to prep for the trip:

Remember what Thailand is like and plan accordingly.

Thailand is hot and humid (mosquitoes). My friend at work also visits Thailand because she has family there and recommends staying hydrated by drinking coconut water. They don’t have deet products there, bring your own if you are a mosquito magnet, which I am and which I will be bringing (they have travel size containers).

Try to pack lightly. They have a lot of the things you will want there, no need to bring the kitchen sink. Thin long sleeves and pants will probably save you from the sun and the mosquitoes. Laundry services are widespread and ridiculously cheap. Taking advantage of these things will help your back and make you travel ready for any opportunity.

Remember to say thank you. Tourism is very important to Thailand, they even offer tax incentives to those that take part in jobs that cater to tourists. So this means a few things, 1) you can find someone that speaks english in Thailand pretty easily, 2) they are used to tourists, 3) they can pick you out of a crowd. In other words, being nice is only going to help you out so say (as phonetically accurate as possible) “kahp kuhn” kah (female)/krap (male) and hello doesn’t hurt either “sahwahdee” kah (female)/krap (male). And for a bonus, they like their spices in Thailand so “peht” means hot, put “mai” before it and it means “no spice.” Don’t be surprised if that add a little anyway though, they may think it doesn’t have too much flavor without the spice.

Okay, pau for now, I could write way more than I thought.

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