Learning about life

Hi, Everyone.

I have been remiss and lost in work. This year has gone by especially fast with new responsibilities. I love it and don’t shy from challenges but I am glad that I now have the time (to take a day off) and share my thoughts in a random fashion.

Cecil the Lion has made me realize a couple of things. If you don’t know the story you should definitely google it. It has amazed me in the public outcry has been so negative and in a sense people have been flagrant in their distaste of him with no care for the other people (like his family) that are being caught in the crossfire. I asked my friend about this and she emphatically told me, “No, he is the one that put his family in this situation,” and that is what stays with me. We all should have an obligation to the people around us, that love you and you supposedly love to not do things that would negatively impact them. Killing (call it what it is) impacts people no matter what.

So 1) all of this blowback, etc, really is his fault and 2) it is hard to think about killing something that you have pet before.

A few years ago my husband and I went to Thailand and in Chiang Mai we went to Tiger Kingdom. We had the opportunity to pet a few of the tigers. But when I heard this story I thought of being able to touch such an amazing animal and the complete sadness that this person didn’t see them that way and chose to make it’s death a defining memory.

Something for me to remember and document I guess, especially since I will be able to go back to Thailand in 2016. I can’t wait!

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