Government Shutdown

So, Squire works for TSA at HNL and we are impacted by his not receiving a paycheck. Mostly because we need to use our line and don’t know when he will receive his back pay for the work that he is doing now. It will become stressful if this goes on too long.

Things that I have enjoyed during this stressful time have been:

  1. The amount of transportation officers that are going in every day even though they are not getting paid and don’t know when the longest shutdown in history will end.
  2. The support we are getting from friends and family.
  3. The more congenial nature of the passengers that my husband has to interact with to ensure that he is doing his job to keep all travelers through HNL safe and secure.

Many of the people at his work are still showing up after over three weeks of working without being duly compensated.

Many of our friends and family at my workplace and in our sphere have reached out to us both to extend any help that they can.

People are thanking them at the checkpoint for being there and doing their job.

Hopefully this won’t last too much longer as we are placing American lives and their very real circumstances at the mercy of spontaneous and poorly planned actions that suit vanity and divisive ideology.

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