Silent improv scene revisited

Aloha mai kākou.

So I am constantly trying to figure out how I want to use this. Right now, I am going to make it my depository for information on things improv that I have done throughout the years and do not want to forget.

June 2019:

Squire and I had a couple of improv things. We had a board meeting for our nonprofit, did a short scene for a night of improv to fundraise for Garrick Paikai, and ended the month with a lunch with his leadership cohort that is also interested in improvisation to build leadership skills.

Board meeting: It was the annual board meeting but of interest we talked about some of the new initiatives we wanted to develop. Jay, Squire, and I are all working on curriculum offerings for our target groups, students, teachers, and businesses.

Short improv scene: Squire and I had a rare chance to improvise together on stage. Although people think the opposite, we really do not get to do it much. The directive for the evening was to do “The Marty.” Multiple pairs doing five minute scenes in real time that are relationship driven, no effects. We decided to make ours a mini-tribute to OTS and did a HUSH-inspired silent scene. Since we decided not to talk, we had to rely on eye contact and the actions and reactions of the other. I am happy to say that we made the most of the relationship because we did not have the option to get mired down in creating business that did not add to our interactions with each other. We had five minutes but edited out at 4:10 somewhat abruptly. In retrospect, we should have let some of the moments land and in a weird way take our time with it. In the scene, Squire threw his cell phone away and when I went to find it, I knew exactly where it was, which I probably wouldn’t have. I should have taken the moment to “find” it. Also, I got a little emotional at the end but if we played it right, we should have sat back down as we were standing on two blocks and looked back out at the view we established. That would have been a great button. Of course, part of me was worried about the time but we obviously had enough time left. Garrick liked it, he made a kakegoe (shout or call) that we were pleasantly surprised to hear, “Mattemashita!” This made it all worth it for us, we went in with the right mindset and did something for the honoree.

I just wanted to make sure that I kept note of it for future reference, if we ever want to look at doing more improv in this way.


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