Our furbabies

So I realized that I did not share a couple of things that I love about living in Waipiʻo now. Pets!! We have a yard and bought a couple of puppies as soon as we moved a couple years ago.

Below the babies just got home and were about ten weeks old.

Brand new furbabies, Pō (night) and Lā (day).

They obviously have grown up a lot since then and are nine and ten pounds respectively. Pō has a lot of white hairs that make her look distinguished and Lā is still as charming as ever.

We never had dogs so we went out to Petco for training courses. It was good because it taught us a lot in terms of how we needed to act and the level of consistency and praise we should be giving to them to positively reinforce the training. It worked, we still have to work on getting their attention, especially when they see their friends from the park.

Pō and Lā today.

Princess Pō (night)
Lord Lā (day).

And as an added bonus, we also received a cute kitty cat to grow up with them, she came with the name Onyx and it stuck.

Such a full house of fur.

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