Improv Workshop at Kumu Kahua Theatre

Squire and I are going to be putting on an auditioning workshop at Kumu Kahua Theatre in the next month.

It should be a blast mostly because we are going to work it around some input that we received from directors in the community. It actually made our job a little easier.

We are going to theme out our 8 sessions over four weekends, in order, 1) playing without fear, building trust and having fun, 2) movement, 3) voice, and 4) acting.

WHAT: Improvisation Workshop taught by Monica and Squire Coldwell

IMPROV FOCUS: Audition skills, confidence, working with others, being willing to let go of your fears, and preparing you to sing, dance, and act your way through your next audition.

WHERE: Kumu Kahua Theatre, 46 Merchant St, Honolulu, HI

WHEN: Consecutive Saturday and Sunday mornings, January 19 – February 10

COST: $120

INFO and REGISTRATION: 808-536-4222,

We will see if people show up.


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