Night in Bangkok

So yesterday (wednesday) evening we arrived in Thailand and by the time
I got my first stamp and we retrieved the luggage it was already about 10:30p.

Originally we were going to try to rough it and stay at the airport till the next day because our flight to Chiangmai was relatively early the next morning but we ended up not wanting to spend any more time in the airport and bought a night’s stay at a nearby airport hotel.

Couple things I noticed right off the bat:
1) The weather doesn’t seem to be cooler in the evenings and everyone likes air conditioning to the point where your glasses fog up and stay that way for a good three minutes.

2) Driving on the left side of the road and having the driver on the right side is going to take some getting used to. I knew it was coming but I didn’t realize that the exits and everything (all towards the left side) were also different. I may wait to drive until I’m in another country and I get a little more used to the idea. Yes, I entertained the idea of driving in Thailand folks.

3) Stray dogs are every where. My dad told me to expect to see them but I didn’t expect to see so many. It seems that once people are unable to take care of them they just release them. I’ve see about eight dogs on the little road we’ve walked down to get to the 7-11.

4) Roaches exist in Thailand. I really don’t have to say more about this one but it will probably be the one negative that will linger. They look and are as large as the Hawaii ones. Luckily I haven’t seen them fly though.

So far, so fun!

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