Living in Bangkok (with Doggies)

My dad has been living in Bangkok for the past two and a 1/2 years. Although when I say in Bangkok, for me, it seems far away because it takes about 1-2 hours to get to the center of Bangkok, depending on traffic.

I’m glad that Squire and I got to play tourist first because we are now able to relax a little since the whole family works and/or goes to school. My dad lives with his girlfriend, Preaw, his girlfriend’s sister, U, and U’s boyfriend, Pu. They have two dogs, one is about two years old, her name is Lippy (Rippy) and the other is a one-month old orphan named, Lichie (Richie).


Lippy is a riot because she loves to take pictures and when she sees a camera she actually poses for the picture. In the second shot of Lippy (above), she actually took a couple of steps backward and waited for me to snap the picture. I have to say, I was impressed.

Lichie is a cutie though, just by virtue of the fact that she is still a baby. She is so small! I don’t think she even really looks like a dog yet.



Dogs are everywhere in Thailand, though. You actually don’t see as many cats because the dogs rule the streets. It seems like animals in general get treated very well here, whether or not they have a home or are on the street. I think it’s mostly because of the prevalent Buddhist belief that all living entities are created equal and reciprocity is real in this lifetime and in the next.

I really like the Buddhist beliefs but feel like I wouldn’t be able to do it well, the mosquitos and cockaroaches will always do me in.

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