Storybox – Unscripted Theatre

Squire and I have had the pleasure these last couple days and through this week to study a different type of improv that is strongly narrative focused.

There are two things that I really like about this process that I feel should be addressed right off the bat.

1) It has a literary focus, in language and in structure, with narration playing a large part in how the show is created and developed.

2) It focuses less on following up on your own initiations but handing off those impulses to other players because entrances and the characters within it are called to life versus self-initiated. For instance if I feel like a scene needs another players or a new scene should start, I can’t just take it upon myself to make that happen by starting the new scene or entering as a new character. I must announce that a scene or character is about to appear and those around me, support the initiation by creating the environment or becoming the characters that I narrate.

Fun and using many parts of my brain at once makes for steam coming out of my ears.

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