Finally Home

So we just got back to Hawaii 2 1/2 hours ago.
In immediate retrospect I have to say that this trip was as positive as I could have hoped. There was a little frustration here and there but nothing that became too big.
Also, all we did was travel really. We bounced from one location straight to another so the plane ride home felt like another bounce (so to speak).
So to nail it down by day, I’ve done it this way:
Day 1-red eye into LA. Drove to Riverside.
Day 2-pick-up truck in Long Beach (Squire and Cameron).
Day 3-shopping for family dinner, road trip and supplies.
Day 4-drove to San Diego. Went to Zoo. Drove from San Diego to Eloy, AZ.
Day 5-drove through Sedona and a couple state parks up there. Stay in Flagstaff for the night.
Day 6-drove to Grand Canyon. Stayed in Albuquerque, NM.
Day 7-drive to the Billy the Kid Museum in Fort Sumner. Stayed in Roswell for the night.
Day 8-checked out the UFO museum. Stayed in San Antonio (3am arrival).
Day 9-went to the Alamo. Stayed in Houston.
Day 10-drove to Mandeville, Louisiana.
Day 11-drove to New Orleans. Visited the museum. Back to Mandeville.
Day 12-went to Kleiberts alligator farm. Back to Mandeville.
Day 13-check out swamp people area. Back to Mandeville.
Day 14-drove out of Louisiana, passed Biloxi, Mississippi, Mobile, Alabama, to Jacksonville, Florida.
Day 15-checked out a few houses in Georgia for my sister to rent. Back to Jacksonville.
Day 16-drove from Jacksonville, Florida to look at some houses and then to Atlanta, Georgia.
Day 17-fly back to Hawaii via Atlanta with a stopover in Seattle.

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