Improv-ing in Hawaii

I’ve been doing improv since Fall 1994. I’ve been in a group since 1995 and doing it as a hobby since. When I first became a “Screw” I had a year of sitting on the bench before I could or would be able to jump on stage. That experience was worth it’s weight in gold. In fact, being in Loose Screws was the best experience I could have had living in Hawaii. Truthfully it was the only group I’ve ever been in but based on the tutelage of R. Kevin Doyle, I was able to do everything anyone in the group wanted to try. There was no Second City, Improv Olympics and Annoyance Theater schools of training here, we were able to try all of them and just play.

Times have changed. Loose Screws has different goals and different leaders and we now have Laughtrack Theater, Hawaii’s improv-only theater space and two other well-known improv groups in the mix by the name of On the Spot (OTS) and In Your Face Improv (IYFI). All of the groups (and even the space) has R. Kevin Doyle to thank for the intro to improv but no one really is on the same improv path anymore.

Looking back, and taking the random workshops in town, I am very happy to acknowledge that the wealth of improv learned and the respect for the form (in it’s entirety) that I have has everything to do with what I was able to gleam from the years that I had been with Loose Screws and the teachings of R. I admit it’s made me a bit of a drill sergeant as well. I know what I like and I know what I don’t and I can even tell you why I think it sucked (in detail.)

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