I fail

One post a day was not possible. But I have many excuses. Regardless I am trying again. But I think I’ll try one a week because I went to a conference about social networking and I heard at least two people say that this is a realistic goal.

Things going on –

Professionally – It’s the holiday time at work and we’re slowly getting into the spirit. We have a Christmas Tree that needs to be put up and a thank you party for those that have made special contributions to our organization in the past year.

Improv Hobby – Board members found and I received the Articles that I need to file with the DCCA and that has been sent out. A copy of the bylaws was created for us and now we have to have a meeting with our board to okay all these things we are trying to do for the Incorporation.

Improv shows – Peas, Branes, Burritos has successfully done two nights of shows at Laughtrack Theater and may be looking at continuing on through December and January. The “Fishbone” is a longform that involves following an action that has a direct effect on the following scene. It is only one scene removed and Jennifer Waihee is to thank for being the main brain behind this idea. Our opening, we have to thank Jeff Griggs for. Our opening is a popcorning idea/google search idea. We take a random suggestion and give statistics and facts off of each others information.
Opening Example would be: Money
A: The US is currently 1 trillion dollars in debt.
B: The US is a world power.
C: Another world power is Japan.
D: In Tokyo, Japan you can buy a toupee for your dog.
E: Dogs are color blind. . . .
Longform Example would be:
Scene 1: Ralph our dog is peeing on the floor and I want it to be an outdoor dog, but my husband Mike doesn’t want him outside because it’s not safe. Mike looks out the window and shuts it quickly.
Scene 2: Two girls outside the house see him look out the window. One of the girls has a crush on him and waits daily for a glimpse of him through the window. This is the first time that she has brought her friend Megan to prove to her that he exists.
Scene 3: Megan is late for a double date with her boyfriend and his friend to whom this is actually a blind date with a friend of Megan’s.

and so on and so on . . .

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