Rance Rizzutto Workshop 20Feb10

Improv Rehab – Saturday February 20th (1:30pm – 4:30pm)

Every improvisor picks up a bad habit or two along their journey. Some know what theirs are and some don’t. You don’t have to know what it is to take this class, but you’ll know by the end. Based on hours of observing, performing, and coaching Rance Rizzutto has developed Improv Rehab. It will break your bad habits and focus you in strong relationships and environments…oh, and like rehab, your brain is gonna hurt a little.

RANCE RIZZUTTO has been professionally performing and teaching improv for over ten years. He got his start with ComedySportz (improv) and The 3rd Floor (sketch) in Portland, OR. After moving to Chicago in 2003 he has trained with iO Chicago and Annoyance and has performed with ComedySportz Chicago, The Beatbox, and numerous other groups, including Silent Treatment, a two-person silent improv show with his lovely fiancée Deanna. Currently he is working for Second City Theatricals for his fourth contract on NCL cruise ships. Aside from performing his other love is photography.

This class was energizing and fun. It involved a series of loose scenes (suggestions were locations with a lot of activities people could do) and the addition of “rules” to the scenes as the class progressed.
For sake of continuity we’re going to number each series of exercises as scene sets. In each scene set different rules were added on to the players in the scene. The audience also had the task of calling out certain key words if the players on stage were not doing the rules.

1) Rule established is that you must talk continuously (no silence) and do an activity each time you speak. (Key words for the audience to yell out if the rules were not being abided were “Talk” and “Use.”)
2) Added rule you can’t use the same object more than once, each time you speak you need to use a different object (Key word is “Switch.”)
3) Added rule no talking about the object. (Key word Buzzer tone “Eeeh!”)
4) Added rule no standing in a bingo line. (Key word “Bingo.”)
5) Added rule if you say the word “You” or “I” in a relationship context (Key word “aah.”)

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