Peas, Branes, Burritos Rehearsal 24Feb10

7 strong last night. We concentrated mainly on our relationships. Most of the scenes involved two people up, sitting in chairs and focusing on relationships.
1st series of scenes – were basic two-person scenes where the people sitting would ask for a suggestion and try to find the relationship.
The first two scenes of this series demonstrated that people will often go to the past to find that information and do a lot of inventing to establish who they are to each other now. Once I recognized that, I tried to avoid it, instead focusing on what we can do presently to establish who we are to each other.
Second series of scene – spin-off of the first series. We added some rules, get the who, what, when, where out of the way as soon as you can, no arguing, and working through 1-10 in emotion by call-outs from the audience.
This one was hard for me. It really kept me in my head a lot of the time and focusing on what was happening outside of the scene. Sometimes the outside call-outs were hard to hear and then at one point I got confused on what my name was and the name I gave my partner and couldn’t figure out who they were calling out when they gave us numbers to play. It was a good game though. But in general I don’t like directed edits because I think most of the time people don’t know when to use them correctly (to enhance the relationship of the people on stage) and do it instead for their own benefit.
Third series of scenes – were nuggetting so we could really focus on listening to what the other person said. I think that this was a good intro to listening to your scene partner although most of the scenes turned out to become more comical. What I did like about it is that we got to the point of whatever we were doing REALLY FAST.

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