PBB Rehearsal 03Mar10 – Group feedback can work

On the agenda tonight were work the intro of the Fishbone, relationship scenes and silent scenes. Silent scenes were put on the back burner till next week. We worked on the relationship scenes because it proved to be better at making us focus on, what we as individuals, needed to do and our weaknesses that affect our growing in our onstage relationships. Again, the nemeses proved to be our common ones of planning, and as a really close offshoot, inventing a past that didn’t add to our “now” relationship but created a “let’s talk about what happened in our past to make our relationship right now.” What I will call “past planning.”

We did a spin on what we had worked on at the last rehearsal and it went pretty well, we definitely added a new element of giving feedback. It was good. Why did it work though? I think that when we work a lot with a group of people there comes a time where we need to start being honest with how we feel and what we need. Like all good relationships trust is built through healthy communication and a solid foundation. Improv is the same. It could easily be abused but with the intentions being to help each other excel, we grow as a group and individuals.

Common things people needed to work on to further the relationships.
Accepting the offer
Past and pre-planning
Eye contact
Adding the “and” to the Yes (giving)
Who, what, where (establishing it in the beginning)

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