Rehearsal Recap from 7-20-10

Warm ups –


Boink boink

Word association

Phrase Association

Hot Spot

Every day, one day, as a result of this . . .

Scene work –

Two-person scenes – living in the platform (every day reality scenes where nothing changes)

Two-person scenes – going from platform to exploring the tilt (every day reality scenes where something changes and pair explores “change”). Helpful hints: when the tilt/change happens make it big.

Form stuff discussed –

The form is called “Maude”


· Monologue –“Armando” style

· Three 2-person scenes (one character comes back

· Group scene

· Three 2-person scenes

· Group scene

· Three two-person scenes (run)*

· Revisit Monologue from beginning of form or new monologue/monologist*

*These two parts are filler in case the tech time is not fulfilled.

Overall points –

– We shared our individual experiences that we’ve had with improv and other performance mediums.

– I talked a bit about the form that we’re doing having a very specific skill set (platform, tilt, resolution, tag-based scenes) which is not being taught extensively in Hawaii and because of that we’ll be learning the skill set, first, and then adding on the form as we gain the skills to do the pieces.

– My improv philosophy “dare to be boring” – working on strong character and relationship scenes (in my experience, the rest falls into place) – full buy-in by the group on what we’re doing as a whole.

– My hopes for rehearsal; coming in ready to rehearse, to start on time, everyone getting something out of this for themselves.

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