Rehearsal Recap from 8-03-10

Warm ups –


5 shakes w/a “Huzzah!”

Word association

Phrase association

Phrase association w/once removed (you say the second thing that comes to mind)

Passing a tone

Horse lips

Hot Spot

Every day, one day, as a result of this . . .

Freeze tag

Scene work –

Two-person scenes – living in the platform (every day reality scenes where nothing changes)

Two-person scenes – going from platform to exploring the tilt (every day reality scenes where something changes and pair explores “change”).

Helpful hints: When the tilt/change happens make it big. Tilt doesn’t always have to be an argument, explore positive tilts. There is a difference between exploring a change and inventing more changes. The best way to explore a change is to use the information that has come before versus “inventing” new information that further tilts the scene.

Drills-(Playing woman characters)

-Play five different female characters w/the same line of dialogue given (Jeannie’s second exercise from Sat.)

-Derivative of above, involved all three up and creating the five characters through focus on a specific body part (given by extra person) and then being given the line of dialogue.


Talked about the edits in this form; cross edits, push and pull, directed edits and self edits.

Overall points –
In rehearsals, we’ll be working on specific platform, tilt, resolution skills, drill relationship and character exercises to help develop and enhance the relationship scenes, and then (with the skills down) begin to work them into the “Maude” form.

Don’t be afraid to try different characters that you may not have played before. Rehearsal is time to explore things and figure them out. If you get into a habit of doing things here, it’ll be easier to do them on stage and have fun as well.

So we’ll work a bit of review into next weeks rehearsal and hopefully explore the platform, tilt and get to resolution so we can try on some edits.

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