Rehearsal Recap from 8-10-10

Warm ups –

Paper Ball (real paper ball – needed to reach 15 as a group – can’t double hit)
Word association
Phrase association
Phrase association w/once removed (you say the second thing that comes to mind)
Body hoohas

“Every day, one day, as a result of this . . .”

Postive/Negative Space straight into . . .
Freeze tag

Scene work –

-One set of scenes where you are just generating characters.
-Second set of scenes where you are generating three characters and the third character created will be your scenes character.
Set-up for the previous two scene exercises is that one person will create three characters on the spot given the same exact line of dialogue and you will be given four body parts to influence the character you create. You can use the body parts at your discretion.
-Two-person scenes – going from platform to exploring the tilt (every day reality scenes where something changes and pair explores “change”).

Helpful hints: When the tilt/change happens make it readable to the audience and to the person that you are on stage with. Tilt doesn’t always have to be an argument, explore positive tilts. There is a difference between exploring a change and inventing more changes. The best way to explore a change is to use the information that has come before versus “inventing” new information that further tilts the scene.

Overall points –
Talked about physical trust of the other players and the use of “improv” clothes to do scenes for the players. There is a good touch and a bad touch, though.

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