Don’t Sweat It, Just Edit (Brett Lyons Workshop – Laughtrack Theater Intensive)

    Don’t sweat it, just edit – Saturday August 7th

Class Description
Feel like your scenes are going on and on. Afraid you are editing too late or to soon? Tired of just doing the sweep edit across the stage. In this workshop we’ll learn different techniques to edit out scenes and get you to stop doing the edit dance on the side of the stage.

You can find BRETT LYONS performing at Chicago’s I.O. Theater in The Armando Diaz and with Deep Schwa. Brett is also a member of The Second City National Touring Company. Performing all over the world aboard NCL Cruise ships. Also, he can be seen around the country performing with Aphasia and heard on their weekly podcast. (

Notes for Posterity
First instinct is the best for edits.

Warm ups
Pass the Clap

La Ronde (ab-bc-cd) using tag out edits

Transformation edits – more scene painting than you think
Using it as
– a base for the scenes, character, or environment
– Set-up (information is great, give a lot of details)
– give information – details
Don’t limit yourself
Take what was done previously to some place completely brand new
“We see” not necessary, don’t need to start scene painting with those two words.
Listen/watch scene
Try to grab information from the front of the characters versus in back of them (or what is established versus inventing something in back of them). Use what was introduced on stage instead of making up information that is not there.

One line of dialogue edit
Take the last line of dialogue and make that the first line of dialogue for the next scene.

Created new edits in three separate groups.
Death Edit – Killing people in between scenes (no one comes back)
Electric Company edit – say two words with two people yelling from off stage as they enter, when they reach the center say the words together.
Elevator edit – Two people enter from behind and on-stage people (or people playing the scene) split off

Don’t sweep loudly
No blank stage
Go with the first instinct
Edit so you can save some for later
Edit to give something different

Exercise Highlight
I really liked the idea of creating a new edit for us to try out. It made me look at the use of the edits as a different mechanism in the scene and made it apparent that the edits really do color the show that is produced in its totality.

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