Big Group Scenes

I’ve been sitting in and helping direct a group of improvisers in a form that involves a five-person scene. We’re trying to make it a form where all the improvisers have their “moment”.

I have to admit that I’m into thoughtful scenework. I think there’s a very tenuous balance to making a large group scene work. The dynamic in the group that we’re working with right now is very interesting. They’re primarily BIG players. They all think outside of the box and play big and loud. It’s a lot of fun to watch but can be especially dangerous in a large group scene.

We broke it down like this though – it’s all about F-O-C-U-S, every one of the players has a reason for being there, and each one deserves focus, so when it’s their “turn” give them the focus because what they say is important and when you start fighting for that focus, it’s chaotic and self-serving. Besides the fact that you can’t hear each other and neither can the audience.

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