Note to Improvisers–Intro’s

When you are doing a form and the coach is putting an intro on you, don’t look at him untrustingly and talk about the problems that you have with intro’s that you have seen in the specific space that you’ll be performing in. A) You don’t know what the coach is going to suggest yet. B) You’re not the only one in the group. C) It kind of makes you look like you don’t have any trust in the process and your coach.

My suggestion: At least wait until the coach gives the intro before you talk about what you don’t like because who knows, the coach may do the thing that you would prefer to do and you might not even have to express any displeasure. Or better yet, just don’t say anything at all and look like a good performer who respects and trusts the people that are in charge and the people around him in general.

BTW, this is not meant as a diss. The situation is pretty open-ended and low-key, and this performer does this for fun, is refreshingly excited about improv, and not interested in any commercial gain. He means well and thinks of this as more of a hobby for himself and treats it as a democracy, which is why, although slightly annoying, I do write this with a chuckle.

End Note: It quickly turned out that his misgivings were unfounded as soon as the coach told them what the intro was.

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