A TV moment that stands out from my childhood

As a child, I remember watching many sitcoms that didn’t really stay with me but certain moments did. I live in Hawaii and I don’t know about all of the people in Hawaii but I am a member of the group of people that bathe/shower before they go to bed in the evening. I never really thought about it, I figured that this was the norm. I didn’t actually realize that a good portion of people out there actually shower in the morning, instead.

Until the series Benson.

I distinctly remember, Benson having to share his living space with his boss for some reason or another, and the boss found it unusual that Benson showered in the evening instead of in the morning. He referred about his night bathing in some way that could only be described as racist, but it was at that moment that I realized that not everyone showered at night.

Are there any tv moments in your memories that opened your eyes to different societal norms? I’d be interested in knowing, if you’re interested in sharing.

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