A tour with Jeff (and Jeannie.)

Today, Squire and I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Norwegian Cruise Line with our very knowledgeable tour guides, Jeff Griggs and Jeannie Cahill, and some of our friends, Jen, John, Kim, Larissa, Scott, and Aaron.


We all met up at the Restaurant Row Bar to make our way across the street to the pier where the guests and the crew embark.

We first went through a check-in desk, then through security, and once we were all securely inside the first check thru, Jeff began the tour.


We did not enter through the same area that the rest of the guests had to because we came in as visitors of the crew and weren’t going to be boarding to stay the week. Here we are off to the side of the main check-in watching the tourists go through check-in.



The crew doesn’t have to go through that way because they don’t enter through the main ship entry way. They enter a different way and here we go.




Once on board there is another place for us to stop. At this point we give up our driver’s licenses and get these nifty visitor passes for “inside access.”



Once through all the security Jeff took us upstairs to see the main entry that the guests arrive through.





It looked like a very patriotic hotel. But one of my favorite places on the tour was the next stop we made, here is Jeff showing us where the Japanese food on the ship could be found.


The next stop we made was to the Hollywood Theater, this is where Jeannie, Jeff and the rest of the cast perform weekly. The house holds up to 800 and it’s a great space to play. This is where they do their sketch shows.




Next stop we went to the Mardi Gras Room, it’s where they do improv and where they judge Dancing with the Stars – America.



Although it was really dark, my flash did the trick and we were able to see behind the curtain. We entered through the side door and were able to exit right on to the dance floor.




Our next stop was the cabins and we were able to go through the crew entrance to boot.

Home sweet home, when Jeff and Jeannie are at sea.


All the rooms have a great little device/room number sign. It lets those around you know whether or not you don’t want to be disturbed and welcome among other things.


After that, we tried to get outdoors and that turned out to be harder than we thought.

Once on the other side (see lever) we learned that the wheel on the door was used to seal the inside of the cabin to be water tight.


The next safety feature we learned about on the boat were the lifeboats. There were two types of lifeboats. The first ones we saw were the inflatable lifeboats, I recognize those from most movies I’ve seen. The rafts are lowered into the water by these hooks on the side of each row of canisters.


The main lifeboats were ready to go and they were huge.



Next stop of the tour we get to see the game room. Many games are played there and many friendships torn asunder, or so I’ve heard.


Then it’s to the library, I was excited to see this place because I’m glad they had one and it looked very clean and neat.



Also, Jeff showed us his favorite spot on the ship.


The next stop was one of the restaurants on the ship that you needed to pay to eat at (the buffet was part of the cost of the package – free). It had two floors and was very patriotic.



John got to meet George Washington.


Scott got to dance and hi-five Abe Lincoln.



Scott also got to lay with the stars.


Then it was time to take the walk down the stairs.


Which Squire did in style (and thankfully without getting us into trouble).


The next stop we made, was a well kept secret off of the elevators on the 11th floor. It was the conservatory. A small area behind the pool bar.

This pool should look familiar if you’ve seen the videos that Jeannie and Jeff post.


Squire even had the opportunity to play chess, which Jeff said he’ll check to see if someone makes a move after him.


Next, it was time to get some exercise in so we took the walk to the gym.



We also saw the small version of the pool and the area to golf and play basketball. Yep, they seem to have it all.



And the last two pictures I have are of the buffet area. It has a great selection and a lot of choices (for free).

We were able to see the whole boat in about two hours and eat. It was a nice day, a wonderful tour with the best guide and great company. Thank you Jeff for making this happen and we can’t wait to see you and Jeannie the next time you’re in port.


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