Change of Pace – A trip abroad

Okay, today I realized I might as well get ready to keep a daily travel log of my first trip out of the country. I’ve never travelled out of the U.S. and will now be going to the place that has been my blog background since the beginning of this blog, in the next two days.

Thailand. My dad is actually living there right now and my husband and I are going to spend some time trekking on our own and then visiting with him.

I’m scared to say the least. I realized that it probably would have been better to spend some time with people that know the lay of the land before jetting off on my own. So . . . I don’t think I’m at all prepared and am relying on my trusty iphone app – Learn Thai to get me through my struggles with the language.

So far, packing has been interesting. We’re trying to keep it light although we’ll be gone for three weeks. I’ve been checking websites on packing for Thailand (link 1, link 2, and link 3) and we’re looking at being wired for international.

My husband is waiting till the last day to pack and I’m getting nervous because we’re looking at one small suitcase, one duffle, backpack and briefcase. We just may have to add another small suitcase. Sigh . . . .


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