Catching Up–Ayutthaya Floating Market

We mostly chilled out in Bangkok because we were staying at my dad’s house, they had to work, and we were babysitting Lichy. But every once in a while, when my dad’s class got cancelled and he was unexpectedly off, they’d take us somewhere.

One of the stops that we were able to take were the Ayutthaya Floating Market. Ayutthaya is considered one of the oldest towns in Thailand.


Thai people love to shop and everywhere you go there is an opportunity to buy something. This was no exception and another crowded place to weave in and out of other people. The food here was plentiful and we had lots to choose from. I think the below picture is the only picture Squire and I have with the both of us in it up until this point.


The below picture was in a little island in the middle of the market, people would take their shoes off and order food off of the little boats that sailed through the center.


More people and more opportunities to eat.


Some different things I saw that I wanted to take pictures of for no apparent reason.


What a fun place to have been. I’m glad we visited Thailand when we did though. Being at an outdoor market with manageable weather and we didn’t have that much of the sun’s direct rays is the only way to do this. I can’t imagine it being any hotter or me any stickier. Gross.

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