Catching Up–The Siam Mall complex

As a precursor, I actually don’t like to walk around a mall to walk around the mall and shop heedlessly. I usually need to know what I’m looking for and make a bee-line for that location, unless it’s electronic. I don’t like crowds and every mall and place to shop in Thailand seemed to be crowded. We only ended up at this mall because it was right next door to the Hard Rock Café Bangkok and I could get a couple of pins for my collection. None of us wanted to shop but my dad remembered walking past this aquarium so we decided to check it out. —

The Siam mall is not one mall but 4 different malls that meet at one intersection.

I’m going to say up front that I’m not happy with the pictures that I took here because I left my camera at home. I figured we were going to go to the mall so I didn’t need to bring it. I mean, who brings a camera when they know they’re going to the mall. And I’m sad to say, I should have.

The Siam Paragon is the mall that we spent the most amount of time because they had an aquarium at basement level. Yep, the mall had an aquarium in it and it was a great aquarium.

It was amazing. They had shark-feeding, penguin-feeding, diving with the sharks, glass-bottom boat rides, and environmental education. I’ve also seen fish there I haven’t seen anywhere else.


There was something called a pineapple fish that reminded me of Hawaii.


Rock fish, like those in the picture below. One is in the front and the other one is facing upward next to the white rock at the center back of this picture.


And then there was the aquarium itself. You could walk through it and the sharks were plentiful.


This place was great and then you remembered you where in the mall and couldn’t believe it!


I should have brought my camera!

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