Another Day.

Sam Flower

Well it’s been a busy year and a half. A lot of changes. So many in fact, I don’t know what to talk about. So instead I think I’m going to focus on the future. We’ve been busy with Improv Hobby, Inc. The non-profit we received the IRS designation for in the summer of last year. Now I’m in the middle of writing grants and avoiding writing grants.

improvhobby logo

My sister is moving to Georgia so in a few weeks we will be going on a road-trip with her, her husband, and our nephew, from California to their new home for the next few years. I hope to make it to Disney World.

family pic - Sam

For other improv news we’re working on a show with Dicks & Jane. It’s a puppet show that I am thoroughly looking forward to. Here’s a pic of my puppet, Stanley (left), and my favorite friend, Todd. 

Dicks and Jane Puppets

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