Road Trip (CA to GA) FL

So we had a long day today. We went through four states to make it to Florida. I took a lot of naps and almost missed Alabama. It’s been a lot of rain because of Little Debbie that is still in the Gulf of Mexico.


The highlight of today’s trip was trying to figure out how to tie down the tarp for our luggage that has been in the back of the truck as we drove through the rain. The trick was buying some twine and tying it to the luggage and then creating a spiderweb of twine above the tarp as well. We spent at least three rest stops trying to perfect the tarping.

It was definitely a work in progress with a lot of ideas being thrown out. Since none of us knew the right way to do it, it ended up looking kind of silly and messy but it kept it down and our bags from getting soaked, so we are all fans. Yeah, that was a fun part of the experience . . . the rain coming down as we’re precariously walking over luggage and reaching into the bed of the truck to tie twine around luggage handles and the corners of the luggage. We all looked like drowned cats and an airborne each has been dissolved in water and gulped down.


New memories are definitely worth having, even when it doesn’t feel like it at the time, although I have no question it was a bonding experience.

So, yet again, it’s after 10 at night and we are snug in our motel rooms. Squire’s travel site has helped us again with a relatively cheap room for the night with a real refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, sink, free wired internet access, and a fold out sofa bed so our nephew has the choice of staying in our room or his parents. Conveniently located next door to a gas station with free breakfast in the morning. We are glad to be spending two days in this hotel, a first for the trip so far.

Goodnight all, nothing officially on the docket for tomorrow, but we’re probably going to be heading to St. Augustine, Florida. Just found out today that it is the oldest settlement. According to the local city site, it was founded in 1565, and is the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European and African-American origin in the United States. Looking forward to going through the town although it will probably be a rain-drenched tour.

Time to hit the hay, for reals. I’m going to actually try to make breakfast tomorrow morning although it will be from 6-9 in the morning.


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