What informs me

Happy New Year, Everyone.

This year I open with retrospection.

I don’t want to be a person that focuses on the negative so when I start to feel like all I may be doing is complaining, I don’t like to write.

Things aren’t bad most times so why focus more time and effort on it? Yes, easier said than done.

So how did I get here, or rather, what informed my choice of action or inaction?
My family. I’ve spent an impressive amount of time in 2013 avoiding my mom, spending time with my grandmother on my dad’s side, visiting with my dad who now lives in Thailand, and meeting my new niece in Georgia.
My work, went back to work with an old company and spent a lot of time growing but wanting to quit at the same time. I continue to love the people there and always will.

It was a good time in general and time to start anew, with family and work.

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