Board and Stone

So it has been a while … good thing this wasnʻt one of my new year’s resolutions ….

But I wanted to share a couple of things.

So I had a great work environment experience in the last couple of years. I was able to work as close to nature as I have been in a very long time. I enjoyed it a lot, the peace I felt looking out my window was never overestimated. It was hard to be stressed there but it got harder to look out the window and not realize that something was missing.

I realized that I didn’t belong there anymore though and really thought carefully about what I wanted my next step to be. I wanted to be in a place that fed what I felt there on a deeper level. I loved being around nature but I wanted to feel it in my DNA which meant I had to also embrace aspects of myself and my ethnicity. Which led me to my current job and I don’t regret it one bit.

Back story aside, to the board and stone. We are taking a 11 week class with Keiki O Ka Aina and Kamehameha Schools taught by Earl Kawaʻa. It is awesome. Star Advertiser Article “Hawaiian educator teaches how to craft poi ponders, boards

So it has been a week in, we met last Thursday to get a debrief of what the Saturday huakaʻi (field trip) would be about. Then on that Saturday we were in Punaluʻu for the day, finding and cutting down hau sticks to make our koʻi (adze) and then stripping the bark and facing it, then at the stream finding our stones to create our pohaku (poi pounders), and picking a slab of monkey pod for us to use as our papa (board).

I am so sore now. To make the koʻi for removing the bark of the papa we had to tie bike tire rubber around the hau stick to keep the blade in place, between trying to keep it in place and continuously rewrapping it when it slips off. I now realize that I am in zero shape and have an ocd quality about myself. You see, they scored the boards for us and now that I see the indention marks, I have been compulsively trying to reach them with my koʻi. Until today, I think I got in at least half an hour but, “Oh boy.” I am done. Tomorrow will be a day of rest, hopefully I wonʻt regret it when we get to start on the pohaku (stone).

My tired muscles aside, I donʻt want to give you the impression that I am not enjoying myself. I have to say that I am very excited about this whole process and the work that we are doing for it. Which is why I want to share the photos with you

Board after a day one work
Board back, to give you an idea of the grain
Board after day two work
The koʻi.
Our ʻalā stones for the pohaku
Supplies to make the koʻi.



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