Another Year of the Honu (Turtle)

Technically 2011 was christened the year of the turtle but I think I’ll call 2012 the year of the honu to change it up a little.

Last year conservationist designated 2011 the year of the turtle to create awareness and shed light on issues so here are some picture of some of the signs that we read about the honu and the group on Oahu that takes care of them. That way I can say that I did my part.




There are two beaches that I know of that you can pretty much be guaranteed to see turtles in the waters. One of them I’ll share because I know that it’s on the tourist map due to the amount of people that are there every day. It’s on the way from Haleiwa to Shark’s Cove. I’m not sure what that beach is called, but on the right-hand side you will notice a pretty long line of cars parked on the side of the road and some tour buses.

This beach has a reef on the outer edge that encloses a coral area by the shore line with lots of limu (seaweed) on it. So basically the turtles can eat in peace and the sharks can’t get into the area to make a meal of them. This beach is also the best if you would like to see them on the shore because they come out pretty regularly and there are always volunteers at the ready to section off the turtles from disturbance. You’ll notice a red string in some of the pics I took here because that was as close as you could get to them.




There are two turtles here. The one in the back is a regular at the beach, he came up 360 days of the year in 2011. His back-fin was bitten half-off by a shark so you can tell when he comes up on shore. They are pretty cute and don’t move all that fast out of the water. The one closest to the rocks in the above pics actually was the second to get onto shore but he climbed over the other one to get to that spot. I wish I was there for that I’m sure it was a sight to see.


We walked on the black rocks to take some pics of the waves and then when we returned another turtle was making his way onto the shore. They sure move slowly but they definitely get pretty far considering.


As the third one was making his way onto shore the second honu turned around. You’ll see the shell of the first honu but no head because the second turtles fin is covering it.


Don’t ask me why but while I like seeing the honu on the shore I like seeing them in the water more so because they are active. I think it’s a zen thing for me too, with the water lapping and them eating. It’s all very nice.






I probably have way to many photos of the honu but I still get giddy when I see them pop their heads out of the water. So I’ll share one more of the photos for you here, it’s one of my favorites.

turtle sunset

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou, everyone. I hope 2012 brings you much peace and love.

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