Road Trip 2012 (CA)

Okay, so right now it is about 10:00 p.m. on Father’s Day (Sunday night) and I’m snug in the Roswell motel room this early for the first time since we’ve started on our journey across the continental U.S. from California to Georgia.

a random weed in focus - Road Trip 2012 - SAM

So to recap so far:

Monday – We arrived in California from LAX on Monday, June 11th. We didn’t get back to my aunt and uncle’s house until about 10 or 11 at night. The stay was really nice we got to see two of my cousins, hang out with my Uncle and Auntie, and meet all their turtles (they have six) and their two dogs, Remo (named after Remo Williams) and Gabby, a not-yet-one year old pitbull who is the most friendly pitbull I have ever met. Gabby first greeted me by trying to let me ride her like a horse.

Kissing myself in the zoo - Road Trip 2012 - SAM

Lesson learned: My aunt and uncle don’t live that close to LAX.

Tuesday – Our second day was probably the most boring. Squire and Cameron, my brother-in-law, went to pick up the truck that we’d be taking across country at the Matson dock in Long Beach. They were gone all day. They left at 8:30 a.m. and came back around 6:00 p.m. The thing that made it boring was that we didn’t expect it to take that long so we were basically waiting for them after about 2 p.m. on. Our cousins made spaghetti but overdid it on the salt so we spent a good deal of the day trying to make the spaghetti less salty and we were more or less successful.

Lesson learned: Things are farther then you think they are and time moves faster when you are on the road. You can cut the salt in a spaghetti sauce by throwing in a few chopped up potatoes and celery for about 15 mins., add some honey, a little vinegar, some water, and added more sauce. We aren’t entirely sure if we didn’t have to do all of those things.

Pretty Peacocks in the tree - Road Trip 2012 - SAM

Wednesday – At this point in our stay, we didn’t really get to see to much of my aunt and uncle because they were working (as people do during the week). So we ended up staying an extra night so we could cook them a meal for a change and make the most of their company because they were all home. We made a trip out to Whole Foods to buy some snacks for the road and these cooler bags that they have, that I can swear by. Then we went to go get some ingredients for making some teri-burgers, kale, and sweet potato fries.

Lesson learned: (These lessons we were able to leave with our relatives.) When trying to grill turkey patties on a hibachi-style grill (pieces fall through onto the coals) , if you have the means sear the patties beforehand that way they’ll keep the shape and you won’t loose raw meat pieces to the coal below and it will still have the taste of grilling that we all prefer. Also try adding the teri-sauce to the patty mixture instead of basting it. I think they make them yummier.

Meerkat watching - Road Trip 2012 - SAM

Thursday – Ready to begin the road trip. We made our way down to San Diego so we could check out the San Diego Zoo. I was very stoked because if you know me, you’d know how much I like the animals. I’ve actually been sharing a few of the pics here because they were some of my favorites from our outing there.

Meerkat laying- Road Trip 2012 - SAM


So after San Diego we began our trip to the next state, Arizona. I hope to blog about it soon. But for now, I’m going to make the most of an earlier night.

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