Found: Young R & B Artist, Ahsan. Thank You Stevie Wonder and Youtube.

So I have spent too much time on Youtube this past 36 hours (probably three hours worth of watching) but it has inspired me to try a different approach to my blog. I know videos and random excerpts are the new norm and I’ve decided to link some of my favorites here to share as I find the ones that stand out or mean the most to me at the moment.

This weekend of youtube started because I was going through old cds I had made and happened upon the Rent song, “Seasons of Love” featuring Stevie Wonder. He is one of my favorite musicians for all the obvious reasons. And it reminded me of one of my favorite Stevie Wonder performances, a live duet I found on youtube a few years ago with Stevie Wonder and Tony Bennett, “For Once in My Life,” for Tony Bennett’s Birthday Bash. And that’s when I went down the youtube rabbit hole and started to click on those cursed recommended videos.

My favorite Stevie Wonder live performance.


I really like Stevie Wonder and I was curious about a video captioned with him surprising a singer named Ahsan in studio about a year ago. Mostly because who would be granted such an honor to have Stevie Wonder pay them a visit. I immediately liked the singer’s voice when he started to sing, “Ribbon in the Sky,” and when Stevie Wonder appeared my respect for both only became greater.

Great reaction to a visit from Stevie Wonder.


And now for the kicker, Ahsan was about 14 years old when he met Stevie Wonder. Great story for forever.

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