Youtube …X-Factor UK 2013, Christopher Maloney

I admit that I’m a crybaby. I prefer not to watch anything if I know it will be sad. I think I got worse once I got married. Such an emotional experience for me and I turned into a faucet whenever I was moved by anything. I admit to two things about this video 1) I don’t like to watch reality tv for the manipulation factor, however I like the talent of singing and dancing so will fast forward to avoid personal story I’ve also limited the intake of these types of shows to one at most. 2) this one caught me off guard because I didn’t realize till the end that they interwove the story into the entire piece, that being said, I didn’t mind too much because it has to be one of the most genuine and relatable performances I’ve seen from one of these shows. I was so happy for him and it made me feel good to see a person like him succeed.

Love the song and the performance.

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