Obsession: Our Technology Usage

I have always been fascinated by mass manipulation. I try to avoid it as much as possible and I feel that there is no better place to see it mirrored than with our youth and their use of technology.
Scary as it may seem, we are trying to engage our 2-yr old nephew in using words and the best way we were able to is by buying him a little cell phone/book kit this past Christmas. He immediately picked up the phone and started to mimic the sound of “hello.” I was mortified (he didn’t even notice the books were connected but knew exactly what to do with the phone).

This coming March 7 at sundown begins “Unplug Day” and it ends on sundown, March 8. I am going to try it out, although I am not a hardcore user of technology I bet I use it more than I think I do.

On a side note:

I found out about this day on Upworthy.com, a site that I’ve been frequenting for my technology/parenthood news (I have two nephews and a niece growing up in world 2.0 that I care about very much). The site is full of stuff of interest and the idea behind why they created it is one I can definitely get behind.

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